Foreign rights

For over twenty-five years, Écosociété has been publishing radical non-fiction designed to help understand, criticize, and transform society, at a rate of about twenty books each year. Favorite themes of Écosociété include ecology, participatory democracy, North-South relations, economy and post-capitalism. The house has thus contributed to disseminate the ideas of Serge Mongeau (on degrowth, pacifism), Laure Waridel (responsible eating, ecological transition), Alain Deneault (global mining industry, tax havens), Jean-Claude St-Onge (pharmaceutical industry), Jean-Martin Fortier (agriculture). Écosociété also translates foreign-language works it considers essential reading, including some by Murray Bookchin, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Jan Gehl, and Rob Hopkins. Écosociété sells books in Canada and in French-speaking Europe. Government grants are available for foreign publishers interested in translating its books into languages other than English.


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