Foreign rights

For over 20 years, Écosociété has been publishing radical non-fiction designed to help understand, criticize, and transform society, at a rate of a dozen books each year. 

Favorite themes of Écosociété include ecology, participatory democracy, North-South relations, economy and post-capitalism. The house has thus contributed to disseminate the ideas of Serge Mongeau (on degrowth, pacifism), Laure Waridel (responsible eating), Alain Deneault (global mining industry, tax havens) and Jean-Claude St-Onge (pharmaceutical industry). Écosociété also translates foreign-language works it considers essential reading, including some by Murray Bookchin, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Jan Gehl, and Rob Hopkins.

Écosociété sells books in Canada and in French-speaking Europe. Government grants are available for foreign publishers interested in translating its books into languages other than English. 

For all languages and rights, please contact David Murray,

We invite you to consult our Rights List 2018 here: 

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